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Mnam mnam, doo doo dee doo doo

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15th April 2015

11:34pm: Since I last wrote here...
I'm just about finished college. Handing iny thesis tomorrow, an assignment due April 27 and 3 exams in May, then I'm DONE.

(Debating enrolling for the Masters)

18th August 2014

8:58pm: The summer's nearly gone

The fine weather has been blown away by northerly winds and the evenings are drawing in.
I wish it weren't so.

I do kind of like Autumn but I do not like all the financial strain of back to school, extra curricular membership costs and increased fuel bills.

I also do not like having to get everyone up and ready to leave the house by 8.30 each morning.

Time is just getting vicious, the older I get. Blink and you miss it.

8th August 2014


It all looks so familiar. We had a chip pan/kitchen fire in around 1994/5 and our photos show similar aspects.
Of course what the photos can't show is the smell. That is the major lasting memory I have of the aftermath. We stayed living in the house, sans kitchen, and that smell was very overwhelming.

28th June 2014

11:17am: Another milestone

The kids have gone on a 2 night camp with the beavers this weekend. They were very excited to go and there was minimal fuss when I left them. One sad face from Ayesha and that was it. The campsite was lovely -I wished I were staying! It's at the top of a valley with lovely views. It has a decent playground, a pet farm, and allegedly a shallow river/stream for paddling.
I hope the kids are managing ok and are not too cold. I hope it doesn't rain too much. I hope the batteries in their torches last as I forgot to give them spares.. I hope they have a fantastic, fun-filled weekend and make amazing memories.

I'm looking forward to collecting them in the morning and finding out.

It's going to be a long day .....

18th May 2014

9:18am: Kind of an update

Lots going on here, most notably I'm finishing up my exams tomorrow and have (almost) completed 2nd year in a part time honours degree course.
I had to defer one exam because of work. The Share a Dream foundation threw a princess birthday party for a little girl in our service who is seriously ill due to epilepsy. I couldn't miss it; it was fab.

Kids are in 2nd round of eliminations in Karate today. They are competing to get on a team that will be travelling to London in October for international tournaments. I don't think either of them will make it. They are both weak at kata but strong at fighting. You need to be good at both to earn enough points to make the team.

25th August 2013


A castle!

24th August 2013


Ali has gone to an architecture workshop this morning. He did one on Thurs as part of the Carlow 800 festival which is marking the anniversary of Carlow Castle being built.

He's really enjoying it and I can't wait to see what creation he comes up with today.
The architect running it says he's really creative (something I wouldn't have thought) and he'd make a great engineer!
So it seems designing and creating in 3D is what really floats his boat.

20th June 2013

3:06pm: Sports day all round

Today was sports day where I work and sports day in the kids' school. Amazingly the weather was beautiful and all went well. In work we had four teams of four kids (red, yellow, green and blue) and four events (pegging clothes pegs to the line, throwing beanbags in a basin, timed obstacle course and relays). Unsurprisingly everyone won a medal ;-) K, my boss, got beautiful medals done up, engraved with the school name and year.
Ali and Ayesha got on well too. I made it to their's just on time for the parents race. There were 4 mothers and I came second, just. Not too shabby :-)

1st August 2011

5:47pm: helllooooo
It's quite like LJ in format, isn't it? I'm not sure what I was expecting, exactly.

17th January 2011

12:16am: Abandoned ship
Nobody's writing here anymore!
It used to take me ages to trawl through my friends' page and now it takes a few minutes and I keep checking to see if I'm not logged in and only the public posts are showing..


31st December 2007

11:07pm: On the first attempt...
58 words

Learn Touch Typing

I had quite a few mistakes though. Many of them were caused by the german/english keyboard differences. I always forget which computer I am on and inevitably get it wrong. :-/

9th September 2006

12:59am: And a couple of photos....
Ali and Yousuf in GlendaloughCollapse )
12:14am: A long overdue post.
Better update on Ali and his milestones at least. iuil's entry on R's words prompted me to get it done. And it got extremely longCollapse )

15th December 2005

1:18pm: I set up a new community

- for all the fans of the latest German Pop Idol. Spread it around amongst your friends. No approval needed to join.

The only thing is I can't find out how to do the tag for a community.. The community is called "d_s_d_s" so if you can help me make a link to it that'd be great.


26th November 2005

12:25pm: I'm still not used to this "mobile baby" lark. He is not crawling per se, but more pulling himself along on his belly and cruising. I put him down on his alphabet mat to play (sitting down) and went over (about 6 feet) to the computer. The alphabet mat is at the foot of the bed. Next thing I know he is banging on the side of the computer trolley. He pulled himself up on the bed, cruised along and got to me, without me even noticing!


15th July 2005

spoilersCollapse )

No spoilers really, the link is safe to click.

Current Mood: excited

18th January 2005

8:28pm: Photobucket
This is a test post from Photobucket.com

18th July 2004

4:49pm: Lesson One...
If you are hungry at night, let's say about 10.30, then it is a good idea to have some cornflakes or toast or some other snack type thing. It is not a good idea to order in pizza so late. Wondering why? Read Lesson Two.

Lesson Two.
If you have ignored Lesson One and are still going to order in pizza, then at least order in a normal sized one. Don't go for the family sized option just because they have special offers on family sized pizzas on Saturdays. Why? Read on...

Lesson Three.
Ok. You have decided to order in pizza late in the evening/early night. And you have chosen the family size. Even though two people does not really constitute a family.
Right. Lesson Three - what toppings to choose. Don't go for pepperoni, or other salty/spicy toppings. Keep it mild. At best just cheese.

Lesson Four.
You have flouted all lessons so far and have ordered a family sized pizza at half ten at night, with peperoni, onion and tuna. Ok. When the pizza finally comes - after 11pm - make sure you drink lots of water either with the pizza or afterwards. Lemonade, while tasting nice with pizza, does not really quench your thirst and you tend not to drink it in large quantities. And finally Lesson Five..

Lesson Five.
It's ok to have leftovers. Pizza actually tastes nice the next day. It even tastes nice cold. DO NOT be greedy. DO NOT think "ah well only two slices left.. might as well finish it off..." Avoiding eye contact with the last remaining slices, close the box and back away slowly.. go to the bathroom and brush your teeth.

Lesson Six.
If you have stuffed yourself stupid with a family sized peperoni pizza and it is now going on midnight, try to stay active and moving for a half an hour at least. Do some housework, go out for a walk around the block. DO NOT lie down to chat to your sister online. DO NOT flip over onto your back, paralytic because your belly is so full and most definitely DO NOT fall asleep in that position, only to be woken around an hour later by your DH or whoever, telling you to get up and go to bed.

I woke up at 6am with the most incredible thirst. I downed some water and went back to bed. Woke up again around 9 still thirsty. Drank more water. Couldn't really move because belly was still full. Thoughts of breakfast made me sick. It was about 6 hours before I ate anything.
Write these lessons down!! Stick to them! Otherwise your Sunday mornings will be ruined!
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