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A long overdue post.

Better update on Ali and his milestones at least. iuil's entry on R's words prompted me to get it done.

The move to Ireland unsettled him more than I had imagined. It took him a good three weeks just to stop clinging on to me All The Time. It was a strain, but I just went with it and slowly he started to realise that I would come back if I left the room. We had a couple of moments where I sneaked off while he was engrossed in something and then he absolutely freaked when he realised I was gone.
He is more in love with and dependant on his soother(s) than I had intended to let happen. His favourite thing is to go around with one in his mouth and one in each hand. His cousin R likes to copy him at this, though R has never had a soother in his life.
He has learned how to run and man, is he fast! He can run into a street as fast as a bullet. He can climb very well (I went into the dining room today and found him sitting on the table eating an apple and his cousin R just dropping himself down off the table having grabbed an orange), he loves slides and is fearless on stairs.
He now has 12 teeth. I just noticed the 12th one (bottom left incisor) had cut through today. That explains the sore bum. He has come SO far on self-feeding since we came here. His cousin R's proficiency at self-feeding had a lot to do with it.
He has loads more words and has nearly everyone's name off at this stage. I'll post an updated list of words at the end.
He is MAD about cars, buses, lorries and especially Tractors (takTA). He will hang out of the pushchair to look at a passing JCB or tractor and had a meltdown yesterday when we were leaving someone's house whose little boy had a box full of cars and assorted vehicles. Balls are not so popular anymore. They used to be the favourite toy but have definitely been superseded by vehicles.
He's still enjoying breastfeeding and will often use it as a way to get my attention these days. He lays himself across my lap and says "boo boo". He will also often demand it if he is hungry and/or tired. He likes a comfort nurse after falling or getting a fright too.
He is sleeping VERY well. (*Touches all wood in vicinity*) We have a little routine that I've been following for a week or so now, where we get him changed (sometimes after a bath) then do something like have another play or eat some supper depending on when he had dinner. We brush his teeth and then he turns off the light. We lie down and he nurses a bit and then plays with his dummy and drops off to sleep himself. He is generally asleep by 9pm and wakes sometime between 8.30 and 9am. He has a quick nurse somewhere between 6 and 7am but as we are co-sleeping it is a non-issue.
We went swimming once since we got here. He evidently missed swimming a lot, judging by how excited he was to see the pool and how much he enjoyed the session. Unfortunately the local pool is way too pricey for us, so it won't be a regular occurrence.

Here's the updated word list, I have replaced some words with the new version and edited out some that he doesn't say anymore.

4.Wauwau (Dog, but can also mean any animal)
6.Dada (Child)
8.Ah-ah or Owa(a cut or sore, accompanied by a dramatic grimace)
9.Ghigh (kick.. as in when he is kicking the ball)
12.Tata (Thank you or Here you go)
13.Bye Bye
14.Mmmmmmm (any food or drink, also pictures of food or drink)
15.Na Na (give it to me/I want it)
16.La! La! (Allah, always said when he hears quranic recitation)
17.dooo (shoe)
18.buh (bus)
21.La (light)
22.Wacwac (Quack Quack)
23.Booboo (boob)
24.Ei, dei, dei... (eins, zwei, drei.. when he is "counting")
25.Ooohii (A German expression, meaning wow)
26.agel (Vogel, german for bird)
28.Buh (foot, same as when he says bus)
29.Oo-a (Uhr, german for clock or watch)
30.Giga (Flugzeug = Airplane)
31.TaTa (said *really* gutterally, means tractor or lorry)
32.Thi (means "dirty".. bits of dirt on the floor for eg.)
33.Handy (mobile phone in german)
34.Diss (Tish - my mother)
35.Jee (Jean)
36.A-ka (Sorcha)
37.Oo-ii (Ruaidhri)
38.Maymay (Damien)
39.Meemee (Diarmuid)
40.Maw (Mark)
41.Nana (my Nana and generally any old woman)
42.Waaauuuu (Miaow)
43.Ghighe (sitzen - sit down)
44.Bau (Bauch -tummy)
45.Peepee (his penis)
46.Doo (drink)
46.Mia (his friend)
47.Ooo ooo (Mia's mother.. it's an inside joke and now he calls her that)
48.Dei (Stein - stone)
49.Hei (heiss - hot)
50.Raaaaaaaar (lion or bear)
51.Ga (Kopf - head)
52.Guh (Zug - train)

He is doing well on the languages. He understands most things in english but most of his words are still german as I am concentrating on speaking german to him. The knock-on effect of that is that iuil's kids are learning german too. Especially S. She can give Ali simple directions like "sit down" or "give it to Mama" in german. As well as knowing a couple of expressions and songs. She also knows a bit of Arabic courtesy of Y. So she is well up on Masha Allah and Bismillah.
Ali is getting on well with R and S now. He used to freak slightly when we'd leave the bedroom in the morning and they'd rush to greet him and play with him. But these days he is genuinely glad to see them too.
This morning I worked in my mother's job for one morning as she had to go elsewhere. Ali was totally ok with me being gone and only barely acknowledged me when I came home. Bittersweet.

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