Eleanor (ellipunk) wrote,

Weight watchers

Today was really weird. I seem to have done nothing but eat all day and yet I have 3.5 points left over.

I think I have been overeating on the porridge at breakfast. According to the little manual I got, 30g is a heaped tablespoonful of oats.. my scales showed it as being way more than that. I'll be careful tomorrow morning and hopefully will have a new digital scales in a day or two.

Afternoons are a real slump time for me. No idea why but by 4pm I am devoid of energy. When it hit today I had a mug of soup and it helped somewhat. Dinner helped me feel much better. But I wasn't hungry when I was tired.. just..flat. I thought eating healthily and exercising more would make me more energised but not so far. It's early days yet, I guess. These things take time.

Best tip I received so far - freeze little pots of low fat chocolate mousse. They are 1.5 points each and, frozen, they take ages and ages to eat.

I did 30 mins "brisk walking" this evening. I can't seem to find a rhythm for walking at all. My legs ache and refuse to go any faster, yet I can't break much of a sweat at all. So I'm wondering if it's doing any good at all. Better than sitting on the couch though I guess, plus it's head space from the kids who are wrecking my and Yousuf's heads these days.

Speaking of Yousuf, he's keeping track of points too. He gets 7 more than me though, by being taller but mainly by being a man. Not fair. *pouts* Mind you, he blows 14 points on 4 chapatis for his dinner. I could never eat 4 chapatis, so I guess it makes sense.

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